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Enjoying the safety, dependability, and ethics of Milton Propane service is easy. First, contact your nearest Milton Propane service center. Second, it must be determined what your service needs are as they may vary as shown below. Thirdly, you will be asked to sign a Service Agreement and lastly select a payment option. All forms are shown on the “As a Customer” page. Click here for our Residential Service Application or here for our Business Service Application.

Already have a Milton Propane tank? – We’ll schedule an appointment to conduct a system safety check and activate your service followed by a prompt propane delivery.

Switching propane suppliers? – We’ll schedule an appointment to install a Milton Propane tank at your location, conduct a system safety check and make the prompt propane delivery to limit interruption of propane service.

New construction? – We’ll schedule a free site survey to determine your propane storage needs, location and other data, assuring new installation will be complete prior to moving day.

Own your own tank? – If you own the propane tank we’ll conduct a pre-fill safety inspection prior to making your first delivery.

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