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Any and all bulk tanks/ blocking or cylinders/ racks along with associated installation are supplied at no charge to the customer. Only accessories required to install the service such as regulators, lines and fittings are billed to the customer. A Courtesy-fill service is standard but a Will-call is offered as well. A copy of our Service Agreement for Propane Service and Equipment which describes the terms and conditions specific to each customer’s situation may be asked to be sent or click here to view.

Milton Propane provides propane service to over 10,000 customers just like you, including residential home heating, commercial buildings, filling stations, exchange cabinets, vehicles, forklifts, and corn drying. We also offer a Pre-purchase Agreement to make propane work effortlessly for you. You may request to have one sent to you by contacting your branch office location.

We’ll mail you everything you need or you can stop in the office and speak to a representative. Milton Propane offers several delivery and payment options so you can choose the plan that’s best for you.

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