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January 17, 2018

To our customer base regarding the allocation,

The linked USDOT/ FMCSR letter; Extension of Regional Declaration of Emergency under 49 CFR section 390.25, explains our rational to the current customer allocation concerns. 

On December 30, 2017 an unprecedented order to allow extended hours of service for propane trucks to be driven was granted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They issued a Regional Declaration of Emergency, as a result of long wait times at the area terminals along with extreme cold weather, making it crucial that motor carriers providing propane assistance are exempt to legislation restrictions of time on the road.

It is my discretion to provide all Milton Propane customers with this information in order to help them receive further evidence that the short fills they are receiving are not a preference of our company, but a direct result of the propane supply issues affecting millions of propane users across multiple states.

As this continues, we are running constant transports to the pipeline terminals to keep our storage facilities abundantly supplied. However, as supply concerns remain we will continue limiting residential fills to a maximum of 200-gallons per 500 gallon tank or smaller and 400 gallons for any larger tanks.

Our customers and their energy needs are our highest priority. By offering limited fills, I am able to ensure all of our customers see no interruption in their service. I am comforted, as a family owned and operated business that having optimal storage, a privately owned semi fleet and the resources to serve our customers through this busy time will ensure our customers have the peace-of-mind that their energy needs will be met.

Thank you for your understanding and your continued customer loyalty.


John Arndt,
President/ Owner

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